About Us

With a desire to give back to nature for having given so much to us, we launched the online publication Modern Conservationist in 2018. Our hope was to not only shed light on some of the most pressing conservation issues of the day but to also inspire in others a passion for the outdoors — and a recognition of the role we all play in protecting it. Through our interviews and stories, we have developed a deeper understanding of conservation’s critical role in our lives, while also noticing the voices too long absent from the conversation. With this knowledge and insight, we felt compelled to do our part to ensure the outdoors are welcoming to all.

With backgrounds in journalism and marketing — not to mention countless hours in tents and tree stands — we understand what it takes to light a fire. Propelled by our passion to get everyone outdoors, we harness the power of big thinking and transformative creative to inspire a new generation of conservationists.

Meet the Founders

Alex in Yosemite

Alexandra Vollman

Owner, Director of Content & Engagement

Experiential by nature, Alexandra has let her zeal for exploration guide most of her life — whether she’s researching and writing stories or trekking through the great outdoors. Through her experiences as a journalist, copywriter, editor and content strategist, she has told the stories of interesting and inspiring people, organizations and brands, building connections between consumers, concepts and causes. Her curiosity and creative approach to problem solving have allowed her the opportunity to work across industries, developing new insights and skills and honing old ones along the way. 

Alexandra enjoys using her knack for creative strategy and storytelling to inspire in others a passion for the great outdoors and an awareness of the role we must play in protecting it. From her experience working for diversity-centric organizations and writing about topics affecting diverse and underrepresented groups, Alexandra has knowledge of the issues faced by these individuals and is passionate about bringing them to the table — and trail.

She has a bachelor’s degree in media communications, with minors in journalism and psychology, as well as a master’s degree in writing and publishing.

Mike in Michigan

Michael Vollman

Owner, Director of Creative & Strategy

A curious soul with a taste for adventure, Michael has led a fulfilling career as an award-winning creative, cutting his teeth creating high-level marketing for world-renowned brands including J.M. Smucker Co., the U.S. Army, Nike and Bass Pro Shops. With his teams, he has built experiences that have moved countless consumers, ultimately building genuine bonds between people and brands.

With nearly two decades of branding and marketing experience under his belt, Michael is using his passion for the outdoors, creative thinking and leadership to lead one of the most exciting accomplishments of his career: Modern Conservationist.

Michael’s knack for directing and producing creative solutions that inspire action began in college, when he earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising communications. As a life-long learner, however, his journey didn’t end there. His fascination with consumer, cultural and technological trends inspires him to not only stay current in his field, but to continue to develop communications that connect at a level deep enough to change perceptions.

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