What Exactly Is Relevancy?

In 2015, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) assembled a panel dedicated to tackling the existential problem facing the state of their union: being asked to do too much with too little. 

The funding mechanism for the North American Model of Conservation — considered to be the best model of conservation in the world — was designed at a time when hunters and anglers dominated the landscape. But, as society has evolved and those users have dwindled, it has become clear that now is the time to adapt and ensure that broader audiences understand the importance of conservation. So, in 2018, work began on what was to be called the Fish and Wildlife Relevancy Roadmap, a practical guide for how conservation agencies can expand their constituencies, creating more lovers of the great outdoors. 

Relevancy is the understanding of conservation’s impact on everyone’s quality of life. And, although there are many paths to success, one thing is clear: The journey is going to take a little creative thinking. 

That’s where we come in.